Dear colleagues,


Integrity, honesty and ethical behavior are core values of Joint Stock Company Uzavtosanoat. The Company values its business reputation, created by joint efforts. The JSC Uzavtosanoat is committed to conducting own business in an honest and ethical manner, in compliance with all applicable laws.

For this reason, the JSC Uzavtosanoat has adopted Compliance Policy Code and the Compliance Handbook, which apply to employees of the Company, without exception, including directors, officers, managers and individuals hired under civil law contracts by the Company.

The Company has opened a Whistleblower Hotline to receive reports of violations in compliance.

Company Personnel must immediately report any violations of this Code or the Handbook to the Compliance Officer.

You may contact the Compliance Officer by the following contact details:

1. Call the “Whistleblower Hotline” of the Company by phone +99871 140-76-70;

2. Send an email to;

The Company’s Compliance Officer maintains the confidentiality of messages.


Compliance Policy Code UzAuto Compliance Handbook